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Fundraising is an integral and necessary part of our Association. The fundraising we do throughout the year enables us to keep our membership fees down. It helps us pay for expenses such as the printing of information booklets, publications and leaflets, entertainment for events such as our Christmas and Easter picnics, as well as the purchase of equipment and library resources.

Current Fundraising

  • Family  Portrait Photo Days – We offer member families a sitting with a professional photographer for $20 which includes a complimentary photo of your choice and an opportunity to purchase other prints. Dates are advertised in the newsletter and also listed on the What’s on page.

  • Entertainment Book – We take orders as early as May every year for the great value Entertainment Book which is filled with hundreds of discounts for eating out, entertainment and even everyday groceries and fuel purchase. $14 from each book sold goes straight to our fundraising account. Orders for the current book or digital memberships can be made online here: https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/8326e6


  • Identi-kid – have fun, personalised labels perfect for day-care, school and kindy.  You can put them on your kids’ clothes, shoes, bags, pencils, books, etc.  You can also buy personalised bags, pencil cases, bottle covers and much more. Visit www.identikid.com.au and use the code 0091 when ordering online to help the P+DMBA raise funds to help you

Identikid Banner

  • Aussie Farmers Direct – P+DMBA is registered with Aussie Farmers Direct, and Australian free home delivery service, offering a range of 100% Australian products saving you time and money. These include:
    • Fresh fruit & vegetables
    • Variety of meat & seafood
    • Milk & bread and other food staples

All sourced from farmers throughout Australia, conveniently delivered free to your door, like the good old days of the milkman, perfect for busy parents of multiples! Check out their website www.aussiefarmers.com.au and when registering make sure you select P+DMBA from the list of charities you support.

Aussie Farmers Direct Banner

Do you have a fundraising idea that can help us help you? Please contact us.